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a public scolding from the duke

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1984, a.a milne, agatha christie, albus dumbledore, an education, ancient rome, anthony trollope, arya stark, asoiaf/game of thrones, avatar: the last airbender, banana-throwing velociraptors, batman, blackadder, brienne/jaime, bromances, calvin and hobbes, caroline/klaus, charles dickens, charles xavier, charles/erik, chocolate milk, classics, cook/effy, cricket, david dimbleby, deathless, debating, democracy, democrats, dictionaries, disney animated films, doctor who, doctor/master, dorothy l sayers, elena gilbert, elena/stefan, eli gold, erik lehnsherr, espionage, essays, fairytales, fanfiction, feminism, firefly, george orwell, george smiley, gotham city, grammar, great expectations, hans christian anderson, harry pearce, harry potter, harry/hermione, hercule poirot, hermione granger, hermione/ron, hilary mantel, his dark materials, history, horrible histories, house lannister, human rights, international relations, j.m. barrie, jaime lannister, jeeves and wooster, john le carré, julius caesar, katniss everdeen, king lear, klaus, klaus mikaelson, literature, loki, lord asriel, luther, marvel, mary beard, men in grey suits, meta, mischief, miss marple, monty python, multi-shipping, obligatory psychotic jackasses, paul temple, peter pan, petyr baelish, politics, power, raven darkhölme, rebecca, richard rollison, richard siken, roald dahl, rogue, rudyard kipling, saki, science, shae/tyrion, skins, speaking in silly voices, spooks, stefan salvatore, studio ghibli, suits, swordfights, t. s. eliot, tennyson, the borgias, the chronicles of narnia, the cold war, the good wife, the great gatsby, the history boys, the hour, the house to myself, the hunger games, the jungle book, the kennedys, the killers, the originals, the stage machiavel, the thick of it, the vampire diaries, the war room, theatre, thomas cromwell, tintin, tom brown's schooldays, tom stoppard, trees, tywin lannister, u.k politics, u.s politics, villains, w. h auden, wes anderson, westminster, william shakespeare, winnie the pooh, wolf hall, world domination!!, wrong!ships

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